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Jason's Juwel Aquarium Rio 240

Jason's Fish Tank

About the Fish Keeper:

Name: Jason

Area: Hampshire

Fish Kept: Coldwater and Tropical

Years in the Hobby: 38

Favourite Fish: Anostomus


Jason recommends Eheim and Fluval products.


South American biotope, African Rift Lake, Fantail Goldfish and breeding tanks.

Species Kept:

aZebra Plecs, Geophagus, Corydoras, Anostomus, Phantoms, L397 and L134

Maintenance and Upkeep:

(Q) What do you feed your fish

(A) Vitalis and Tetra Prima

(Q) How often do you feed your fish

(A) Twice daily

(Q) When you do a water change

(A) Weekly

(Q) What % of water do you change

(A) 20%

(Q) How often do you clean your filter

(A) Every 3 Weeks


(Q) What's the best tip you would offer to someone new to our hobby

(A) Look after the water 1st and the fish will look after themselves. Always keep an eye on what's going on and do not over feed, feed a balanced diet.

(Q) What's the biggest mistake you've made in fishkeeping

(A) Overcrowding

(Q) What's your favourite piece of equipment and why

(A) Eheim Filters, the most reliable on the market

(Q) What's next for you and your fishtank

(A) Just keep doing what I'm doing and to try and breed some of the rarer species within the hobby. I have just under 30 tanks so it's a full time job