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Michael's Tropical Tank

Michael's Tropical Fish Tank

About the Fish Keeper:

Name: Michael

Area: Argyll, Scotland

Fish Kept: Tropical

Years in the Hobby: 30

Favourite Fish: Discus


Michael keeps a Juwel Rio 180 and Juwel Trigon 190, which have been established for 5+ years. They use the Juwel filtration system and a UV Steriliser.


The tanks are planted, and home to South American Cichlids, a selection of Tetras, Corydoras and Otos.

Main species are: Discus, Angelfish, Gold Severums, Otocinclus Catfish, Bristlenose Catfish, Lemon and X-Ray Tetras and Sterbi Corydoras.

Maintenance and Upkeep:

(Q) What do you feed your fish

(A) Aquarian Flake / Frozen Food

(Q) How often do you feed your fish

(A) Twice a day

(Q) When you do a water change

(A) Weekly

(Q) What % of water do you change

(A) 25%

(Q) How often do you clean your filter

(A) Monthly


(Q) What's the best tip you would offer to someone new to our hobby

(A) Buy a good book on the hobby and read it, then find a good local fish shop and if you don't know something - do not be afraid to ask as someone will help

(Q) What's the biggest mistake you've made in fishkeeping

(A) the biggest mistake was buying a fish without reading up on it. I bought a small cichled when at a fish show put it in a community tank to grow it on. When it was to late, I found out it was a snakehead cichlid and had a very expensive dinner.

(Q) What's your favourite piece of equipment and why

(A) My favourite piece is definitely 24 hour timers to control lights / co2 injection and uv light

(Q) What's next for you and your fishtank

(A) The next thing for my tanks is to breed my discus and my gold severums. I tried this years ago and had to give up as I lost my female and could not find a replacement.