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Mike's Aqua Nano Reef

About the Fish Keeper:

Name: Mike

Area: South East UK

Years in the Hobby: 15

Favourite Fish: Flame Angel


Cherry Aqua Marine Nano LED light. (Rear chamber filter) 1st chamber has floss, chemi pure and sponge. 2nd chamber has Evolution Aqua K1 media with eheim 100 air pump turning them. 3rd chamber has a visitherm 100w and Eheim 600 compact pump pulling the water through.


Mini marine nano reef with live rock and low level maintenance corals and fish, housing a Sailfin Tang (Rescued), Clown, Hermits, Snails and a Cleaner Shrimp.

Maintenance and Upkeep:

(Q) What do you feed your fish

(A) Vitalis (New Era) Marine Flake

(Q) How often do you feed your fish

(A) Twice a day

(Q) When you do a water change

(A) Weekly

(Q) What % of water do you change

(A) 20%

(Q) How often do you clean your filter

(A) Every two weeks


(Q) What's the best tip you would offer to someone new to our hobby

(A) Research for top tips and always ask for advice if ever in doubt. The hobby is usually a friendly one so lots of people willing to help

(Q) What's the biggest mistake you've made in fishkeeping

(A) The biggest mistake i made was getting rid of my big tank =(

(Q) What's your favourite piece of equipment and why

(A) Red Sea Reefer Aquariums and Eco Tech Radion LED lights.. Truly amazing

(Q) What's next for you and your fishtank

(A) I want to upgrade to a bigger setup like the New Red Sea E series Reefer tanks.. Beautiful tanks once set up