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Collection: Dechlorinators

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At Aquacadabra, we have a huge range of dechlorinators which act as a water conditioner from manufacturers including API, Carib Sea, Interpet, King British, Nutrafin, Seachem, Tetra and Waterlife. Tap water within the UK is great for drinking. To keep it this way, our water utilities add Chlorine and sometimes Chloramines which kill bacteria, keeping our drinking water safe. Unfortunately, however, Chlorine and Chloramines are toxic to livestock and so it is essential that they are removed when ever doing a water change. Dechlorinators are a cost effective and easy to use water conditioner method of removing Chlorine and Chloramines from your tap water safely.

Should you need any advice regarding aquarium additives, please feel free to contact us, we would be happy to help you with your selection.