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If you're looking to create a heavily planted aquatic biotope, Carbon Dioxide is an essential requirement to help sustain your plants.

We have a number of approaches for Carbon Dioxide dosing of your aquarium. Tetra CO2 Depots operate like aerosols, allowing your to dose CO2 at the push of a button. These systems economically priced and simple to use, however they are not an automatic system, so you'll need to be available to dose your aquarium.

We stock more advanced systems by Aqua Medic and JBL which include CO2 gas canisters and regulators. These can be used to dose your aquarium as required, with solenoid valves being available which help to manage pH levels (CO2 can impact on the pH of your aquarium). Whilst more expensive, these systems will produce the best results.

In addition to use within planted aquariums, Aqua Medic CO2 systems can be used to supply carbon dioxide to calcium reactors.

Should you require any advice regarding CO2 systems, please feel free to contact us, we would be happy to help you with your selection.