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Collection: Aquarium Heaters

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At Aquacadabra, we have one of the UK's largest selections of aquarium heaters in the UK, with products from Aqua Medic, Eheim Jager, Fluval E-Series, Hagen Elite, Hydor ETH and THEO, Juwel, Interpet Deltatherm, Red Sea, Rena, TMC and AquariumSystems (Visitherm).

Should you need any advice, please feel free to contact us, we would be happy to help you with your selection.


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Heating and Cooling your Aquarium:

Tropical Freshwater and Marine fish require a stable temperature throughout the year to prosper. As such, a reliable heater with integrated thermostat is essential. In today's modern centrally heated homes, a good guide for heater size is to match the volume of water in litres to an equivalent heater in watts. For example, if your aquarium is 25lts, a 25w heater would be suitable, for an aquarium of 300lts, use a 300w heater.

A common approach is to use two aquarium heaters rather than one, to provide added protection should one of the heaters fail. Should you wish to take this approach, use two smaller watt heaters.

Aquacadabra Tip: Ensure the heater that you use is not too high a wattage for the size of your aquarium. If you place a 100w heater within a tank of 50lts, you will find that the aquarium overheats which will endanger your livestock.

When keeping Invertebrates and Corals, it is essential that the aquarium does not over heat as this will inevitably lead to livestock losses. This can be particularly difficult to achieve when invertebrate aquariums require strong water currents and powerful lighting. The only reliable method to achieve stable water temperatures in such circumstances is to use an aquarium chiller. Cooling fans provide a very cost effective method of reducing water temperatures, however they significantly increase evaporation which will impact upon your other water parameters, and they are not thermostatically controlled. Whilst aquarium chillers are expensive, they provide a reliable solution to over heating and reduce the likelihood of loss of livestock.