Collection: Reptiles Caves And Hides

Designed to replicate the natural hiding spots that reptiles seek in the wild for safety, reptile caves and hides are an essential part of making sure that your scaled friend feels safe and secure. Beyond providing a place of protection to reduce stress levels, reptile hides also help them regulate their body temperature, so including a high-quality cave in their tank environment is crucial for allowing them to mimic their natural behaviours. Whether you're building your first enclosure, or are welcoming a new addition and want them to have their own space, find hides in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate all types of species in our collection.

Caves and hides are just a few of the ways that you can help your reptile friends feel safe and comfortable in their environment, but they also need elements that mimic their natural habitat, such as a heat lamp. Heat lamps replicate the sun's warmth which helps some reptiles to thermoregulate by moving from colder to hotter areas within the enclosure. This can help them with their digestion, metabolism and immune systems. View our reptile heat lamp collection for a range of different lamps to suit all of their needs and create a healthy home for your reptiles.