Collection: Pond Safe Dechlorinators

Maintaining a healthy pond is a rewarding task, but not one without its own set of challenges. If you're building a pond, topping up the water, or performing a water change, you'll need to ensure that the water is treated to neutralise any harsh chemicals. Our range of pond dechlorinators can help you to achieve this by conditioning tap and hose pipe water to remove harmful chlorine and chloramines. This step is essential to protect the sensitive inhabitants of your pond. The collection below boasts both dechlorinating units and liquid additives which are ideal for treating large bodies of water and keeping your fish healthy. Browse the full selection of fish-safe dechlorinators to find a method that works for your pond.

Dechlorinating the water is the first step to making sure that your pond water is conditioned and able to support your aquatic life, however there are many more steps within the treatment process that will allow you to generate the best results for your pond and its inhabitants. Explore a wide range of pond water treatments such as algae and blanketweed control, green water solutions, and test kits to identify further issues. You can also find a range of pond lighting and heating systems within our collections to further enhance your set up and provide your fish with more of what they need to thrive. Shop the full collection of pond supplies at Aquacadabra to find an impressive range of maintenance and decorative products to complete your project.