Collection: Vivariums

Perfect for those looking to add a scaled friend to their home, as well as those looking to upgrade their current set up, our collection of reptile vivariums features a wide range of options suitable for any space. From large snake vivariums designed for slithery tank inhabitants, to wide tortoise tanks with attached cabinet space for storing feeding and cleaning supplies, every reptile's needs are accounted for. Start your search by browsing the full collection below, or use the handy filter options to narrow your vivarium search by type, price or brand.


When it comes to setting up a vivarium for your new reptile, or increasing the space your current tank inhabitants have, it's essential that you also make sure they have all the equipment they need to keep them healthy and happy. Once you've selected your perfect reptile vivarium, head over to our Reptile Heating collection to find heat lamps, thermometers and heat mats to complete your new setup.