Collection: Red Sea Reefer

Designed for advanced hobbyists, the Red Sea Reefer offers a comprehensive water management system that is designed to regulate water flow and automatically top-up water levels to keep your ecosystem happy. Built with a rimless design for unparalleled viewing, the Red Sea Reefer is a reef-ready system available to purchase at Aquacadabra with sophisticated cabinets and lighting.

Available as deluxe variations with the inclusion of reefLED's, the Red Sea Reefer allows advanced fishkeeping hobbyists the ability to create their own uniquely customised ecosystem. With premium-quality crystal clear glass and a rimless design, the Reefer's bevelled-edge aquarium is designed to act as a sophisticated blank canvas for enthusiasts to bring their aquarium visions to life. Shop the Red Sea Reefer online at Aquacadabra in a variety of styles, sizes and cabinet colourways.