Collection: Pond Foods

Whether your fish have a special diet or you're still working out what the best food for them is, find high quality pond fish food at Aquacadabra. With everything from classic pond pellets to specialised koi fish food and wheatgerm sticks to easy feed pond flakes, find pond fish food from top brands like Tetra, Evolution Aqua, Cloverleaf and more in the collection below.


An important part of caring for the fish in your pond is ensuring they have a healthy diet to live on and, with the wide variety of pond fish food in our collection, that is a simple task. Whether you're looking for special growth encouraging fish food or medicinal koi food that will improve the health of your koi pond livestock or are looking for a more simple diet such as classic pond pellets or fish flakes, find it in the collection above. Looking to narrow your search for pond fish food? Check out our dedicated pond pellets collection.