Collection: Fish Tank Air Pumps

Designed to increase water movement and improve oxygen levels, the benefits of adding an aquarium air pump to your setup cannot be overstated. Capable of improving the health and happiness of your fish, our wide range of fish tank air pumps include affordable options for tanks of all sizes, and feature options from some of the most respected fishkeeping brands on the market. Browse the full range of aquarium air pumps from API, Biorb, Fluval and more below.


Whether you have a small saltwater tank or a large freshwater aquarium, adding a fish tank air pump to your setup is essential to the health and happiness of your aquatic livestock. If you can't find a suitable air pump in the range above, try widening your search to include water pumps, wave makers and more by browsing our full Pumps and Powerheads collection. Alternatively, our friendly experts are always on-hand to share their advice on which equipment is best-suited to your specific set up, simply reach out with your question and we'll be in touch.