Collection: Pond Paint

Gold Label Aqua Pond Paint is a straightforward and easy to apply paint for pond projects of all sizes. This effective pond paint is available in 4 colours and 3 different sizes to cater for varied pond sizes and aesthetic preferences. The fast-acting paint will cure hard within 12 hours and fully cure in just 3-7 days depending on the atmospheric conditions of your pond placement. Gold Label Aqua Pond Paint requires only two coats on smooth surfaces, making it a cost effective solution to other paints. Additionally, it can be applied to surfaces such as bricks, tiles, and plastic. When applied correctly, it can last up to 10 years, ensuring longevity and keeping your pond looking its best. Shop the full collection of pond paint colours below, as well as an array of sizes suitable for all projects.

Want to add more security to your pond in addition to sealing paint? Browse through our range of pond sealant to find a product that suits your needs, whether that be clear or black sealant, scaping foam, or an applicator gun for easy usage. Alternatively, if you're in need of more pond construction options we can supply you with an extensive range of equipment from preformed ponds to hoses and clips. The collection is ideal for any DIY projects, large or small, and with products that are reliable and easy to use, you'll be able to bring your aquatic life vision into reality. Explore the full range of pond construction equipment to get started.