Collection: External Pumps

Keep your pond healthy in the most convenient way possible with the collection of external pond pumps available at Aquacadabra. With trustworthy brands to choose from including Oase and Evolution Aqua, upgrading your pond pump is as easy as selecting the correct external pump according to the size of your pond. If you require any additional help with choosing the right external pond pump, our experts would be happy to advise you.

Choosing the right pond pump is essential to the smooth running of your pond and the happiness of your livestock. External pond pumps, such as the Oase AquaMax Eco Classic and the Evolution Aqua Varipump can give you increased control over the output and energy consumption of your pond pump, perfect for those with large ponds that need a little extra management. Not sure what type of pond pump you need? Contact our friendly experts for some advice or browse through our wider pond pumps collection for more options.