Collection: Pest Deterrents

As an avid fish keeper and pond owner, you've probably put a lot of effort into your pond and love your fish. Unfortunately, the local pests love your pond livestock just as much. Protect your pond fish from persistent pests with the pest deterrents collection at Aquacadabra. Featuring protective measures including heron reflectors which scare off hungry birds, motion activated sprinklers that fend attacks from cats and ultrasonic pond protectors that spook a whole range of pond pests, find everything you need to protect your pond from pests below.

Protect your fish from hungry pests with the range of pond pest protection products at Aquacadabra. With a range that spans some of the most trusted fishkeeping brands, including Velda, Bermuda and Superfish, you'll find high-quality, effective pond pest deterrents in the collection above. Looking for a wider range of solutions to keep your pond safe? Take a look through our full collection of pond protection supplies.