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Aquacadabra's guide to Fluval Fish Tanks

At Aquacadabra, we’re passionate about providing our customers with the absolute best in fishkeeping technology and part of that mission is to check the quality of all our featured brands. From Evolution Aqua to Juwel, each and every one of our brands has passed our in-depth tests with flying colours, but if there’s one brand that has blown us away, like a fish out of water, it’s Fluval.

In this blog, we’re going to be sharing with you all the things that make Fluval one of the best brands on the market for high quality and high tech aquariums. With advice on which Fluval aquarium will suit your needs, answers to commonly asked questions about Fluval and even our top product suggestions, read on to discover all you need to know about Fluval.

An introduction to Fluval

Leaders in fishkeeping innovation, Fluval have been ahead of the curve for decades now, creating sleek, intelligently designed aquariums, filters and fishkeeping accessories that constantly set the new standard across the fishkeeping industry. Their tanks are designed to give the best experience possible to beginners and hobbyists alike and, thanks to their powerful technology with an easy interface, this goal is consistently achieved. With aquariums sold in a range of sizes and styles, there’s a Fluval aquarium for all types of fishkeepers.

Which Fluval fish tank is right for you?

As with many fish keeping brands, Fluval have expertise in a range of products and, unless you know exactly what you’re looking for, it can be difficult to choose the right fish tank, filter or aquarium accessory. Guide your searches and find the Fluval aquarium to suit your specific fish keeping needs by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Freshwater or marine fish tank? An important question to ask yourself no matter what brand you’re looking at, knowing whether you’re looking for a freshwater tank or a marine aquarium is something you should decide before you shop. When it comes to Fluval, the majority of their fishkeeping aquariums are designed for freshwater with the notable exception of the Fluval Flex 123L Marine. This Fluval marine aquarium is not only perfectly designed to support the unique needs of marine fish but is also part of their bold bow front aquarium collection, making it an excellent choice for fishkeepers concerned with style.
  • What size suits your space? While many fish keepers dream of having a large, beautifully styled fish tank in their home, the safest decision for both you and your aquatic life is to choose the tank that fits your space, rather than your dream tank. If you have a large living space and the budget available for purchasing and maintaining a large tank then the largest of Fluval’s aquarium range is the Vicenza 260L LED Aquarium. The product of all of Fluval’s fishkeeping expertise in one beautiful bow front aquarium, the Fluval Vicenza is undoubtedly a professional fishkeeper’s dream but, if the only space you have free in your home is on a small desk, the compact yet powerful Fluval Spec 10L fish tank may be a better choice.
  • Traditional or modern fish tank? While you should undoubtedly concern yourself with checking the specs on a tank are up to scratch, when it comes to Fluval’s range of fish tanks, having a powerful, technologically advanced tank is a given. Everything from their small Fluval Chi aquarium to their large Fluval Roma 240L fish tank benefits from the latest in fishkeeping technology so you can concern yourself with style. For a modern, sleek looking aquarium, we recommend considering the Fluval Vicenza, while those that prefer a more traditional look may prefer the new Fluval Shaker aquarium. Both available with stunning cabinets, these stylish fish tanks are guaranteed to transform any space.

Are Fluval filters good?

Unsurprising considering their technological expertise, Fluval filters are designed to exceed the highest of standards. Take the Fluval Flex as an example. A collection of aquariums that range between 34L and 123L, each Fluval Flex fish tank is fitted with a powerful 3-stage filtration system that can competently handle the volume of water in your tank, maintaining a safe environment for your aquatic life. Similarly, the larger aquariums in Fluval’s range come with one of the Fluval U Range of internal filters or the latest Fluval -07 External Filter, both of which are cleverly hidden either within the tank itself or through a connecting hose within the stylish cabinet.

If you already have an aquarium you’re happy with and are more interested in the quality of individual Fluval filters, prepare to be similarly impressed. Having been branded as the ‘salvation of the aquarium’, we’re happy to report that the Fluval FX6 Canister Filter lives up to its impressive reputation. Fitted with advanced motor technology, the Fluval FX6 is energy efficient, incredibly quiet and is powerful enough to keep a 1,500L tank clean and healthy. While this large capacity filter doesn’t fit Fluval’s own tanks and are better suited for filtering much larger tanks such as those produced by Red Sea and Evolution Aqua, the filter itself goes a long way to displaying the pure technological might of Fluval’s engineers. For more information on this large aquarium filter, watch Fluval’s video below.


Please note: the above video is produced by Fluval and is taken from their YouTube channel.

Is Fluval a good brand?

If what you’re looking for is a stylish aquarium that has been fitted with clever design features that make monitoring, caring for and looking at your aquatic life easier and more enjoyable, then you will likely agree with us that yes, Fluval is a reputable brand. All the bases are covered with a Fluval fish tank, and their large range of Fluval filters, circulation pumps and other fishkeeping accessories are second to none.

At Aquacadabra, we are incredibly proud to provide our customers with the best Fluval fish tanks. Browse through our Fluval Flex, Fluval Spec, Fluval Shaker collections among others and find the right tank for you online at Aquacadabra.