Pond Volume Calculator

Whether you’re in the process of designing a brand new garden pond or need to know how to calculate the pond volume for your established pond, our handy pond volume calculator can help. The easiest way to work out the water capacity of your pond, all you’ll need to use our pond water calculator is the size, or planned size, of your pond.

An important calculation to have in place, knowing how to calculate pond volume will let you work out how many fish you can safely keep, what size pond pump you’ll need and can even help when you come to test the quality of your pond water. Fortunately, it couldn’t be easier to calculate pond volume. Simply measure the average height, width and depth of your pond using a measuring tape and input the measurements into our pond size calculator.


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Disclaimer: Our pond volume calculator is made to be used as a guide as the calculation is an estimate only. Exact pond water volume depends on many additional features, such as pond shape irregularities, that cannot all be factored in but our pond water calculator provides a useful estimate based on standard sizing and surface area.

Those using this pond volume calculator for water treatments do so at their own risk. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and consider factors mentioned above.

Ready to construct your perfect garden pond?

At Aquacadabra, we have everything you need to create the perfect pond for your garden and, with our handy pond volume calculator helping with the design process, you’ll have your own pond to care for in no time.

Once you’ve used our pond size calculator, you can use the result to help choose the right size of pond pump and filter. Not sure where to start looking? Just head over to our complete collections of pond pumps and filters where you’ll find all the equipment you need to run a happy, healthy pond.