Collection: Marine Test Kits

Ensuring the needs of your aquarium inhabitants are met goes further than cleaning the tank and adding fish food, sometimes the dangers can't be seen. Make sure you're creating the perfect environment for your fish by adding a marine test kit to your care routine. Capable of measuring and tracking a wide range of water quality factors, the collection of marine water test kits at Aquacadabra help to identify invisible threats to your fish, including high ammonia levels, pH imbalances and more. Whether you're searching for a comprehensive manual test kit for your marine aquarium or are hoping to automate the process with a high-tech marine test kit, find the right solution for your needs below.


The perfect way to ensure your fishy friends remain safe from any hidden dangers, our range of marine test kits include some of the leading brands in aquarium care. No matter what type of marine test kit you choose for your own care regime, you may also want to think ahead by browsing our range of Marine Water Treatments which are designed to help rebalance your tank's water to safe levels.