Collection: 60 Litre Fish Tanks

Crafted with utmost care to ensure durability and longevity, our 60 litre aquariums are constructed from premium materials to ensure the security of your aquatic companions. Built to guarantee structural integrity and provide a vibrant environment for your fish, our 60 litre fish tanks are great for first-time fishkeepers who want a simple tank that does it all. From reef systems with state of the art technology to aquarium cabinets to create feature pieces in your living space, we've got you covered. Browse through the full collection of 60 litre fish tanks below to find the perfect home for your aquatic life.

Create a vibrant environment for your aquatic life with the help of our collection of fish tank decorations. From aquatic plants to decorative rocks and colourful coral, we've got a wide variety of decorations that can transform any tank into a feature piece. Featuring unique pieces from brands such as Marina, Juwel, biOrb and many more. Shop the full collection of aquarium decorations today to transform your tank.