Collection: 50 Litre Fish Tanks

Choosing an aquarium that suits your skill level, maintenance needs and available size is the first step to making sure you can create and sustain a beautiful underwater environment in your own home. Suited to those who are looking for a medium-sized tank which can support an exciting range of fish, coral and plant species, our collection features 50 litre tanks that have been designed by leading fishkeeping brands to ensure the safety and happiness of your aquatic pets. Browse the full range below to select a 50 litre aquarium that will suit your space and goals.

While price, style and included features are all important elements to consider when shopping for a new fish tank, size should be one of the first things on your mind. Our collection of 50 litre fish tanks are big enough to support a thriving family of fish, without requiring too much free space in your home to display. If you're not sure what size tank you need, read through our guide on How many fish should you put in a fish tank, and work your way backwards from the species and number you want, or browse through our full range of medium-sized tanks to find one that meets your needs.