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Aquacadabra’s guide to installing an above-ground pond

There are countless ways to introduce fishkeeping into your life, from keeping a small fish bowl in your home office to converting your home into a living aquarium scratching that fishkeeping itch. Today, we’re going to be paying special attention to that middle ground section; the above-ground pond.

As enjoyable to design as it is to carefully maintain and grow over the years, an above-ground pond is the perfect addition to gardens both big and small and comes with a large variety of customisation options that will really make you feel as though it's your own personal fishy heaven.

In this post, we’ll be taking you through all the benefits of having an above-ground pond in your garden, sharing our easy-to-follow guide on how to install one and answering some frequently asked questions about raised garden ponds, to help you decide whether or not this is the right way to indulge in your fishkeeping hobby.

Is it worth having an above-ground pond?

There are many benefits associated with keeping an above-ground pond, which range from purely decorative reasons all the way to accessing the specific health benefits of tending to your own fish pond so, if you’re still wondering whether or not installing a raised pond in your own garden is worth it, take a look at just some of these reasons below:

  • In itself, the fishkeeping hobby encourages a peaceful and tranquil mindset that can be found in few other hobbies. Allowing you to get closer to nature, to connect with other living beings and be responsible for their health and happiness are just some of the reasons people get into fishkeeping. These benefits remain a constant of the hobby whether you choose to indulge in it within your own home through an indoor aquarium or through an outdoor raised pond.
  • Depending on the type of fish and plant life you choose to stock your pond with, an outdoor raised garden pond can represent a more significant challenge to fish enthusiasts who have mastered the indoor aquarium as they must learn to tackle additional elements such as weather, falling debris in the form of leaves and branches and sometimes even hungry birds.
  • Just as being outside will leave your pond open to the influences of the wind, rain, snow and sun, so you will be too. Of course, in winter, your above-ground pond may need a little TLC, with duties including making sure the pond filter and pump are working despite the freezing temperatures. But in the summertime, caring for your raised garden pond is an absolute joy. Sunny, warm and beautifully bright, summer is the perfect season for enjoying all your hard work and taking in some fresh air while you perform maintenance or just sit and enjoy the view is a definite benefit of an outdoor pond.
  • Not only does a beautiful and well-kept water feature such as an above-ground pond increase your own enjoyment of your home and garden, it can also increase the value of your property. Particularly beneficial should you decide to move home for any reason, you can rest assured knowing all the hard work you’ve put into your garden pond will pay off. Alternatively, unlike a conventional garden pond, it’s much easier to take with you should you want to bring your fishy friends with you when you move!

How much does it cost to put in a backyard pond?

As is the case with any form of fishkeeping, all of the incredible benefits of keeping an above-ground pond need to be worth the price you’re paying and, with everything from construction to maintenance needing to be considered, you’ll want to make sure your budget can cover everything before you jump in.

For most people, investing in a raised pond kit is the easiest and most cost-effective way to get everything you need for constructing your own above-ground pond, with prices ranging between £100 - £600 depending on the size and shape you’re looking for. If you’re particularly skilled at DIY, however, and are looking for a challenge, building your own pond frame and purchasing additional pond supplies may be a good way of saving some money.

If your preference is constructing your own above-ground pond, you’ll likely need the following pond construction tools and equipment:

  • Pond liners are essential when it comes to building your pond foundation, whether it be made of wood, brick or anything else, pond liners allow you to create a fully waterproof enclosure, which you can then fill with water, plants, livestock and necessary pond equipment.
  • A pond pump, such as the Laguna Powerjet Max-Flo 4000 Pond Pump, is required if you intend to keep livestock in your raised garden pond. Their base function is to provide continuous and reliable water circulation, pushing it through your pond filter or creating spectacular water features such as fountains and waterfalls.
  • Pond filters are needed to filter your pond water and keep it clean of contaminants that could harm your fish and, if you invest in one with an integrated UV filter, your water will also be kept crystal clear and free from discolouration caused by green algae.
  • All-in-one filter kits offer a compact, tidy solution, allowing you to combine all of the necessary components to running a healthy above-ground pond in one device, meaning the water is kept safely within your pond and no additional hosing or pipework is needed. Many of these also come with a built-in fountain nozzle kit to add an extra element to your water feature, and also help keep the pond water oxygenated.

A lot of other equipment would be needed, for example a solid frame and the tools & know-how to construct it all. If you aren’t confident relying on your DIY skills to craft your own raised garden pond, we recommend sticking to an above-ground pond kit. While an above-ground kit may be more expensive on the surface, these reliable kits limit the risk of constructional issues and having to replace damaged equipment and any fish you may have lost in the process.

How do you build an above-ground pond?

If you’ve chosen to invest in one of the above-ground pond kits available at Aquacadabra, rest assured constructing your own raised garden pond will be a simple and fast process. If you’re looking at purchasing one of our Blagdon above-ground pond kits this especially rings true, as each kit comes complete with detailed step-by-step instructions to talk you through the process - leaving you with only two tasks to complete before beginning construction.

  • Firstly, you need to decide where in your garden you’d like to build your above-ground pond. You’ll want it somewhere you can easily enjoy the view, so perhaps somewhere in view of your windows or next to a small patio area may be best. Where the pond will be positioned will dictate which raised pond kit you choose so think carefully before you place your order. Our personal recommendation would be to choose a kit that fits your space best for example, the Blagdon Affinity Mocha Corner is designed to fit snugly into a corner, helping you to make the most of a smaller garden space.
  • While the ground preparation for an above-ground pond is significantly less taxing than a preformed pond which calls for shovels and digging, you’ll still need to clear the area you’ve chosen of any rocks and plants and ensure the surface is completely flat. Once this is done, you’re ready to start construction, so get out that step-by-step guide and follow it to the letter - you’ll have a brand new above-ground pond in no time!

Find the right above-ground pond for your garden at Aquacadabra

Excited to get going on your new fishkeeping project? At Aquacadabra, we have a wide selection of fully equipped raised pond kits to choose from or, if you’re more intrigued by the DIY route, our collection of easy to install pressurised filters and additional pond equipment contains trusted products from some of the leading brands in fishkeeping.

Once your beautiful above-ground pond is up and running, you’ll also want to know how to look after it. Seek the advice of our highly experienced staff at Aquacadabra by contacting us or go directly to our ‘A guide to keeping your pond healthy’ blog for step-by-step advice on helping your new pond thrive all year round.