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How much is a fish tank?

One of the most budget-friendly pet choices you can make, keeping fish can be considerably cheaper than bringing a new cat or dog into your family. Even still, fish of all species are just as deserving of care and happiness as any other animal, and require some investment to give them everything they need to live from day one. From the original tank and essential equipment to attractive decorations and gravel, there’s a lot to account for in your budget.

Whether you’re a beginner searching for a small first project to get you started or are looking for the best fish tank for kids to involve your little ones in the hobby, our experts here at Aquacadabra can help make affordable fishkeeping a reality. Read on to discover our top rated cheap fish tanks or find cheap fish tank ornaments, gravel and plants to take your hobby to the next level.

How much are fish to keep?

Before we get into our favourite top-rated cheap fish tanks, the most important thing to consider is, can you afford the start-up and upkeep costs of your aquarium? While most people calculate the standard equipment of the cheap fish tank, ornaments and gravel, many forget to include additional elements such as food, maintenance equipment and even the fish themselves. To help you get an idea of everything your budget needs to cover, take a look through our list of start-up essentials:

  • Fish tank - The price of these will change significantly depending on the type of tank you’re looking for, with size, brand and included fishkeeping technology all altering the cost.
  • Filter - While every fish tank needs a filter, you might find that the cheap aquarium you’ve chosen already includes an inbuilt filter. If this is the case, you’ll have saved yourself a bit of money!
  • Filter media - When searching for a fish tank for your budget, check to see if the included filter also comes stocked with the correct filter media. If it does, you’ll be saved this cost for a while, but checking how much replacement filter media costs and how often you need to change it will help you plan for the future.
  • Lighting - Another essential piece of equipment, most tanks, including cheap fish tanks, will include a built-in lighting system. Replacing your bulbs is also unlikely to be a concern for a while, but this cost should remain in your mind for future maintenance.
  • Heater - While not an essential part of a freshwater set up, particularly if you plan on keeping coldwater fish, having a heater installed into your tank is vital for keeping tropical fish such as bettas. If you do need this, it’s also worth getting a thermometer.
  • Water test kit - An important part of establishing and maintaining a healthy environment for your fishy friends, regularly testing your water with a test kit is essential.
  • Decorations and gravel - Often available at reasonable prices, finding cheap fish tank ornaments and gravel can transform your underwater landscape and add an extra element of creativity.
  • Fish - The cost of aquarium fish changes depending on the breed you’re searching for. Typically, marine fish are more expensive, but freshwater fish and tropical species can be easily incorporated into a tight budget.
  • Fish food and medicine - While food is a regular requirement that you’ll have to add to your long-term care budget, the need for medicine is more unpredictable. With dedicated care and attention, you might be fortunate enough to never suffer a fish illness or disease, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Buying fish medicine is cheaper than replacing all the fish in your aquarium.

How much are fish tanks?

With all your budget requirements accounted for, it’s time to find a cheap fish tank that suits your needs. Try looking through our top recommendations below to narrow down your search.

Best cheap fish tanks

Ciano Cube 15 LED Aquarium, £54.75

Designed to be small, modern and very user-friendly, the Ciano Cube is the perfect cheap aquarium for beginners. Featuring both a low-voltage LED over-light system and a Ciano internal filter, this small tank comes equipped with your essentials for fishkeeping all-in-one. The filtration system also comes complete with water clear cartridge and foam, saving you in start-up time and costs.

Fluval Chi Aquarium 19lts, £68.99

If you have a little more money in your budget to spend on the base element, the Fluval Chi Aquarium is a cheap fish tank option that offers a little more space and style. Fitted with a safe LED lighting system and power filtration, the Fluval Chi is a manageable 19 litres, which can support a few goldfish or several tropical fish. To help keep costs down further and ensure a stylish, sleek environment that is easy to maintain, this cheap aquarium also comes with a pebble basket and plant basket to be arranged as you’d like.

Best fish tank for kids

Marina Starter Fish Tank for Kids, £34.95

Only £34.95, the collection of kids fish tanks from Marina are the cheapest on our list, and they have a lot to offer. Each containing a fun backdrop and ornamental graphic as well as an internal filter to keep the water clean and clear, these fun tanks are easy to set up and maintain. Available in four different designs, including deep sea explorer, pirate, unicorn and mermaid, the exciting themes add some extra colour to this starter fish tank for kids.

Marina iGlo 360 Aquarium Kit, £53.99

A fun and colourful alternative to the range of themed Marina kids aquariums, the Marina iGlo 360 brings a unique viewing experience to fishkeeping. As the name suggests, the iGlo 360’s spherical design provides uninterrupted viewing from all angles, and the fluorescent ornaments and included galaxy gravel add some extra interest when the lights go out. With the inbuilt filter and LED lighting system, all that’s left to buy is a Fluval P10 heater (which can be fitted into the filter area) and any extra iGlo fluorescent ornaments or plants you’d like to add on top of the one already included.

Find a cheap fish tank for kids or beginners at Aquacadabra

Ready to start your search for a cheap fish tank? Get everything you need to introduce yourself or your children to the fun hobby of fishkeeping by searching the collection of small aquariums online at Aquacadabra. Once you’ve picked out your essentials, you can also browse through our range of cheap fish tank ornaments to make your tank feel a little more your own.