Collection: Heaters

Whether you have a tropical freshwater tank, or care for a beautiful school of marine fish, maintaining a stable temperature all year round is essential, and a fish tank heater is the best way to ensure their environment meets their needs. At Aquacadabra, our aquarium heater collection features products from leading brands, including D-D, Interpet, Oase and more, and includes fish tank heaters in a range of sizes and wattages to ensure you have a suitable option for your tank.


Struggling to choose the right aquarium heater for your tank? Try out our Aquacadabra top tip: in today's modern centrally heated homes, a good guide for heater size is to match the volume of water in litres to an equivalent heater in watts. For example, if your aquarium is 25lts, a 25w heater would be suitable, for an aquarium of 300lts, use a 300w heater. If you're still not confident making a decision, feel free to reach out to our friendly experts, who will be happy to guide you to the best option for you.