Collection: AquaVitro Water Treatments

AquaVitro is Seachem's premium line of aquatic supplies. Having already established an experienced presence with the Seachem line, with products rooted in science, each of the aquatic supplies in the AquaVitro range ensures that your fish will get the best care possible, whether you're in need of filter media, seed bacteria, dechlorinator, or other water treatment options. The selection of comprehensive products contains only high-quality ingredients and chemicals for an optimised approach to aquarium care. Explore the full collection of water treatment options and aquascaping supplies below.

Having a healthy aquarium requires a lot of dedication, from cleaning algae to maintaining the correct PH and chemical levels, there are lots of components to think about. However, our marine care collection is designed to make matters simple, offering you a one-stop place to get everything you need to maintain the water in your tank. From testing kits to an impressive range of water treatments, explore the full range of water supplements, enhancers, and cleansers. In addition to this, we also stock a wide range of lighting and other high-quality maintenance supplies to help you curate a thriving environment.