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Collection: Aquarium Cooling Fans

Cost-effective and efficient, aquarium cooling fans are a smart investment for any fishkeeper struggling to keep the temperature of their tank within safe parameters during the warmer months. Designed to reduce the temperature of the water by increasing surface-level evaporation, cooling fans are a cheaper alternative to refrigerated coolers that can be added and removed as needed to keep your set-up suitable through the seasons. Browse the range of tank coolers available below to find a fan for your tank that will protect your fish from heat waves and keep them healthy and happy in their environment.
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Adding a cooling fan to your fish tank is a sustainable way of keeping the water temperature safe for your tank's inhabitants. However, due to the method of cooling, which involves increasing evaporation, you'll want to keep the water level of your tank topped up more regularly. In order to keep a comfortable balance for your fish, we recommend adding a reliable and accurate digital water thermometer to your setup which can be read at a distance for easy monitoring, as well as keeping a supply of water test kits on hand to ensure your more frequent water changes don't impact on the levels of pH, hardness, calcium and more.