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Collection: Filter Media

Filters are essential for the health of your aquarium, and it is important that you have the correct filter to keep your tank and its inhabitants happy and healthy. Filter media changes the quality of the water passing through the filter and helps to create the correct environment for your tank's needs. Featuring a range of mechanical, chemical and biological filter media, Aquacadabra has products to suit any tank and its needs. Shop the range below for a thriving fish tank.
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The key to maintaining a healthy aquarium is to ensure that your tank has a sufficient filtration system to keep a good water quality. Filter media changes the quality of water passing through your filtration system and can be customised to create the perfect environment for your tank and its inhabitants. Finding the correct filter media for your aquarium can seem like a daunting venture, however, we are here to help - feel free to contact us to speak to a member of our team who can advise you on your tank's requirements. For further information on filter systems, you may find our article 'The Basics of Filtration' interesting.