Collection: Lighting Spares

Over time, the lighting components on fish tanks can become damaged or even lost, and, to protect the health and happiness of your underwater ecosystem, replacements need to be found. At Aquacadabra, our full collection of aquarium lighting parts features a wide range of lighting spares including transformers, LEDs, mounting arms, MCR remote controls and more, ensuring you can fix whatever has broken quickly and easily. Our aquarium lighting parts are also branded, allowing you to match your missing part to your tank's brand and model, ensuring your finished product is made to good as new. Browse the full range below to find the aquarium lighting spares you need for your home system.

Ensuring your aquarium gets the right amount of light each day is an important part of caring for your fish, plants and coral systems. If you're looking to upgrade your old lighting system to a newer model, take a look through our full Aquarium Lighting collection to discover all the latest systems from leading brands including BiOrb, Juwel and more.