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Collection: Aquarium Water Thermometers

Regardless of the type of fish tank you've chosen to create, whether it's coldwater, temperate or tropical, you'll need an aquarium thermometer to help you keep an accurate reading on the temperature of the water at all times. Critical to the health and well-being of your fish, crustaceans, corals and everything in between, maintaining a constant temperature that's suitable for your tank inhabitants starts with knowing what the current temperature is. In our full aquarium water thermometer collection, we have a wide range of monitors available, including in-tank thermometers, outside-tank options with digital displays, temperature controllers and more, all from leading fishkeeping brands. Browse the collection below and get all the essential equipment you need for monitoring your tank.
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An essential step in the set-up and ongoing maintenance of your fish tank, having an accurate aquarium thermometer is something that every fishkeeper needs. If you're new to the hobby, however, and don't know where to begin, check out our 'What temperature should my fish tank be?' blog where we walk you through all the steps of monitoring and adjusting your tank temperature to suit the needs of your fish. We also have a full aquarium temperature collection where you can stock up on supplies to complete your tank, from cooling fans to water heaters.