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Seneye USB Pond V6

Seneye USB Pond V6

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SKU: 1012641

Use the Seneye Pond to monitor changes in your pond water parameters, including Ammonia, pH, temperature, light & water level.

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Product Description

This kit will monitor the following:
  • Ammonia
  • pH
  • Light monitoring
  • Temperature
  • Water level monitor

The Seneye pond includes Free Ammonia monitoring (NH3), pH monitoring, Water level/leak detection, general light, and temperature monitoring.
  • Parameter min max
  • pH 6.5 – 9
  • Nh3 0ppm 0.50ppm
  • Temperature 0 40
Even if monitoring all those parameters in a single ultra-small device isn't exciting enough we also record all the data on the persons personal Seneye website where all the data is graphed automatically for them. You can then look back over all your data and see if things change.
The Seneye device monitors Free Ammonia, NH3 (a gas suspended in the water). You will notice that every test kit on the market that say they measure 'Ammonia' are really NH4 test kits (and from NH4 you can calculate NH3). NH4, or total Ammonia/Ammonium, is significantly easier to measure but only a small part of NH4 is actually toxic to fish, that part is NH3. You can potentially have a lot of NH4 in a pond but depending on the temperature and pH your fish could be OK. So rather than measure NH4 we measure NH3 directly which gives a much better understanding.

Additionally we can measure NH3 as low as 0.005ppm! This is amazing low levels of Ammonia. We can't find any other device (even University lab equipment) which measures Ammonia to this low level. The huge benefit of this is we can start monitor ammonia before it is toxic to the fish and then use our prediction analysis to let the customer know before the water is toxic. This way we can e-mail the customer to say "your ammonia will be at toxic levels in 2 days, we would recommend you do a small water change." As a fish keeper this is so much better as you don't have to suddenly rush to 'fix' the problem but have time to resolve the problem when you can. For the fish this is a lot better because it's small changes to their environment rather then sudden massive changes which causes stress.

In total the Seneye pond monitors:

  • Free ammonia (NH3)*
  • pH*
  • Light monitoring
  • Temperature
  • Water level monitor
* requires consumable slide which lasts for 1 month

Understanding what is happening inside your aquarium is vital to ensuring that the aquatic life remains healthy. This revolutionary water monitoring device allows you to continuously track the changes in the water parameters, alerting you to the problems before they affect the fish. Protect your fish with a Seneye monitor.

7 reasons you will love your Seneye, and how it can save your fish

1. Easy to use

Everyone knows that testing your water using traditional methods is a pain, no one wants to spend hours doing tests and recording the results, but we know it should be done to ensure our fish stay healthy. The Seneye device removes all this effort, simply drop the device into your aquarium and attach it to your PC, it’s that easy.

2. Reliable & accurate

The Seneye forecast engine analyses and interprets the data from the Seneye device and processes this into valuable information which can be understood. The resulting information serves as a basis for predictions, alerts and actionable advice, which can be accessed via a host of different internet-enabled devices, including your web browser, iPhone, iPad and android smartphones.

3. Constantly monitoring

Simply leave it in your pond or fish tank. The Seneye device is designed to remain constantly submersed, the results from the tests are fed directly into the online Seneye cloud where the results are analysed by our exclusive system.

4. Convenient & suitable alerts

Find out if there is a problem wherever you are... The Seneye system can alert you via flashing lights on the device but if you aren’t next to your aquarium or pond these alerts aren’t suitable. With a Seneye device you can see your results via the dedicated mobile site...
Plug into a power adaptor, or directly to your PC.

5. Early warnings - before fish death

Seneye offers the worlds most advanced early warning system for life-critical parameters. We don’t just alert you when things are critical but can give advanced warnings so you have time to fix the problem. The Seneye system is able to predict the changes in parameters by analysing the speed which the level change so alerts can be sent before the water becomes toxic.

6. Clear explanation of the problem

Your pH is 8.1… is that good or bad? It depends on the type of fish you are keeping, if you have a marine aquarium then 8.1 is OK but if you have a tropical aquarium that is going to be too high. We don’t just report the values we turn all the data collected into useful information that anyone can understand.

7. Corrective advice

My levels are too high but what can I do? We don’t just tell you your ammonia is too high or your temperature is too low we explain how you can overcome this problem. In many cases this may be as simple as a water change but we will always give you impartial honest advice, just what you need for easy, successful fish keeping.



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